This collage exemplifies my identity as a teacher. The map symbolizes the wayfinding process of each student within my classes and my own journey as an educator who looks for avenues to engage students creatively with the practical and theoretical dimensions of communication studies. The patchwork on the left side illustrates the unique community of each classroom, as students possess valuable life and educational experiences and are encouraged to contribute their knowledge to widen and deepen collective learning.

As a growing critical educator, my desire is for students in my classes to connect to learning on personal, intellectual, and emotional levels. I strive to create environments that allow students to seek out their relationship with the class content and that challenge them to expand their understanding of self and others through that engagement.

Sample Syllabi

COMM 3040: Communication and Relationships
COMM 3190: Intercultural Communication

Student Comments on Course Evaluation Forms

My instructor was Charnell and I was very pleased with her teaching this semester. She showed a lot of enthusiasm, was very organized, challenged us and taught us all
the necessary tools to be successful in this class.

Student in COMM 1020: Introduction to Public Speaking (Spring 2018)

I thought that this course was very useful as public speaking is a skill that everyone should have. I think that Charnell was an incredible instructor and did a very good job
at explaining everything and making everyone feel comfortable.

Student in COMM 1020: Introduction to Public Speaking (Spring 2018)

Charnell was very nice and respected all students. It was comfortable to speak out in class. She made everyone feel welcome. She took her job seriously and you could see her passion about the subject throughout the class every time we met.

Student in COMM 3040: Communication and Relationships (Fall 2018)

I enjoyed how Charnell did everything in her power to make learning the material fun and interactive. This was accomplished by having a variety of activities, such as watching entertaining educational videos, having small group, as well as class discussions, and activities that allowed you to apply the material to our personal life.

Student in COMM 3040: Communication and Relationships (Fall 2018)