This collage exemplifies my identity as a teacher. The map symbolizes each student’s wayfinding process, as well as my own journey as a critical pedagogue. The patchwork represents the unique community of each class.


Student in Intercultural communication (Spring '19)

Charnell was good at simplifying rather complex ontological and epistemological subjects into something your average joe could understand.

Student in Communication & Relationships (Fall '18)

I enjoyed how Charnell did everything in her power to make learning the material fun and interactive. This was accomplished by having a variety of activities, such as watching entertaining educational videos, having small group, as well as class discussions, and activities that allowed you to apply the material to our personal life.

Student in Introduction to Public Speaking (Spring '18)

Charnell was very nice and respected all students. It was comfortable to speak out in class. She made everyone feel welcome. She took her job seriously and you could see her passion about the subject throughout the class every time we met.

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