Courses Taught

COMM 6090: Teaching College Communication
COMM 5490: Communication and Social Justice
COMM 3190: Intercultural Communication
COMM 3040: Communication and Relationships
COMM 3030: Communication and Social Responsibility

COMM 2120: Interpersonal Communication
COMM 1130: Media Writing

COMM 1020: Public Speaking

Courses in Development:

Interpersonal and Family Communication: Perspectives on Race
Qualitative Methods and Critical Research

Teaching philosophy

As an educator, I conceptualize teaching as a relational process of co-constructing knowledge and experience. My teaching approaches, goals, and methods all center relationships: those between me and my students, those my students have with each other, and those my students have with the members of their communities. I am committed to IDEA approaches (inclusion, diversity, equity, and access) in the classroom not only because I believe in justice-oriented pedagogy but also because IDEA approaches build learning experiences that are situated in community. The following are three sincerely held core beliefs that guide my teaching:

I believe learning and teaching are community-oriented processes.  

I believe learning and teaching are learner-centered projects. 

I believe learning and teaching are creative and transformative tools.

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