To read some of my work, see these selected publications:


“Exploring the Communicative Identity Construction of Descendants of Roberts Settlement” MA Thesis

“The Genealogy of Roberts Settlement Explored Through Black Feminist Autoethnography” in Genealogy


Un-becoming, a chapbook from Thirty West Publishing House

a fictional character comes to my deathbed forthcoming from Whale Road Review

Notes from Indiana forthcoming in Science-Based Vulnerability: Scientists and Poets #Resist

“Midwest Tornado Season”  in Bloodroot Literary Magazine

“An Uncertain Map of How I Got Raced” in Crab Creek Review (Nominated for Push Cart)

“When the Good Lord Willed the Creek to Rise” in Ruminate Magazine

“Advent” in TR-BE

“Pseudocyesis” and “Lick,Lick” in Split Lip Magazine

“B(l)ack to a PWI” and “Girls in Our Stomachs” in Relief Journal

“On Belize” and “The Old House” in Beyond the Walls Anthology 2015


“Faces”  in Fiction Southeast

“Where is Your Black Son?” in Puerto del Sol‘s Black Voices Series

“Girl (After Jamaica Kincaid)” in Flying Island Literary Journal

“Synesthesia and You,” in Cleaver Magazine and in Plain China

Essays & Articles

Please Don’t Hate Me: On Rejection, Editing, and Common Ground in Bearings Online

“After I Glimpse the Phenomenal Blurb on Page 153”  in Hippocampus (Nominated for Push Cart)

“When They Ask About my Hair” in Apogee

“9066” in TR-BE

“Black Collective Memory, Social Justice, and the Gospel: Dr. John Perkins’ Story”
in TR-BE

“Rest and Wakefulness” in Ruminate Blog

To Remember a Stranger: On the Hospitality of Thought in Ruminate Blog