Selected Publications


Peters, C. (2022). Asexuality, affect aliens, and digital affect cultures: Relationality with the happy objects of sexual and romantic relationships. Western Journal of Communication.

Peters, C. (2021). “Add up all my Black”: Understanding race and genetic ancestry through critical interpersonal and family communication. Review of Communication.

Peters, C. (2021). Instagramming diasporic mobilities: The Black travel movement and differential spatial racialization. Communication, Culture, and Critique.

Peters, C. (2020). Creating collective poems to teach interpersonal and family communication concepts. Communication Teacher.

Peters, C., Olaniyan, O., Stewart, D. & Berger, J. (2019). 1968: A turning point in cultural studies. Lateral: Journal of the Cultural Studies Association.

Peters, C. (2017). The geneology of Roberts Settlement explored through Black feminist autoethnography. Genealogy.


Un-becoming, a chapbook from Thirty West Publishing House

“I Imagine You Gone” in Moon City Review

“Eating a Gyro Reminds Me That I Sometimes Believe in God” in Fare Forward

“Johnny Cade told Ponyboy to stay gold” in Palette Poetry

“Re-articulation (or what I did not say and what I am now saying)” in The Indianapolis Review (Push Cart Nominated)

“Notes from Indiana: The Crossroads of America” in Scientists and Poets #Resist (Brill)

“One Has to Go Forever!” in Cosmonauts Avenue

“Someone Should Tell You Where You Are Going” in Foundry

“a fictional character comes to my deathbed” in Whale Road Review

“Midwest Tornado Season”  in Bloodroot Literary Magazine

“An Uncertain Map of How I Got Raced” in Crab Creek Review (Push Cart Nominated)

“When the Good Lord Willed the Creek to Rise” in Ruminate Magazine

“Pseudocyesis” and “Lick,Lick” in Split Lip Magazine

“B(l)ack to a PWI” and “Girls in Our Stomachs” in Relief Journal


“Faces”  in Fiction Southeast

“Where is Your Black Son?” in Puerto del Sol‘s Black Voices Series

“Girl (After Jamaica Kincaid)” in Flying Island Literary Journal

“Synesthesia and You” in Cleaver Magazine and in Plain China

Essays & Articles

“Please Don’t Hate Me: On Rejection, Editing, and Common Ground” in Bearings Online

“After I Glimpse the Phenomenal Blurb on Page 153”  in Hippocampus 
(Pushcart Nominated)

“When They Ask About my Hair” in Apogee

Writing Interviews

“Race, Space, and Place”: One County Podcast, Episode 3,
with Andrew Paul Davis

“How to Think Like a Poet”: LitHabits for Writers
with Renee Long


Order my poetry chapbook, Un-becoming, from Thirty West Publishing House. These semi-autobiographical free verse and prose poems explore Black feminine embodiment in the Midwest and the making, unmaking, and remaking of the body.
Read full review here.

Julie L. Moore: Poet and Professor

Tightly woven together, Peters’ poems juxtapose one another like provocative paintings in a museum exhibit and build upon one another, using motifs of light and water, skin and pores, palms and hands, prayers and spirituals…To say that this first collection of an emerging poet is spectacular is not overstatement.

Dorothy Chan: Poet and Editor

Un-becoming is a collection that we need. Both skin and strength are at the very core of Charnell Peters’ gorgeous debut, which presents a body that becomes and “un-becomes” throughout various stages of girlhood, womanhood, and over the course of human history…The speaker sees her own skin in every facet, every corner, or in Peters’ own words, “what are we but edges, / made and unmade / by the waters of our mouths?”

Daniel Bowman Jr.: Poet, Professor, and Editor

Charnell Peters is a poet who can “firesing the stones/in [our] stomachs to dust.” This debut(!) comprises bodies, hands “tendon-rippling,” and finally whole histories—elegiac, funny, tender, powerful—realized in a singular new voice from Middle America I didn’t know how much I needed.

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